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Spring 2022 Update from our Co-Chairs

We are so proud to report that throughout the pandemic, Tuckahoe Senior Citizens and Bronxville Senior Citizens, the two groups under the umbrella of the Senior Citizens Council, remained active and proactive, successfully fulfilling our number one objective: finding ways to prevent the devastating effects of isolation and loneliness that often accompany growing older.


The directors of the TSC and BSC went far beyond the call of duty to provide their members with ways to stay in touch with one another and to participate in a variety of programs, first on Zoom and finally, more recently, back in person. The smiles on members’ faces couldn’t be hidden by their masks for long!


While the worst seems to be over, some of the consequences of the pandemic are longer lasting for our organization, in particular in the form of increasingly higher costs. Your help and financial support means more to us now than ever before and all donations directly benefit our seniors.

It's easy and quick to make a secure donation via PayPal by clicking our "Donate" button. Every "click" counts!

Thank you for giving generously.

Most sincerely,

Eleanor Gustafson and Valerie Rittenhouse

Senior Citizens Council Co-Chairs

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